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Technology has evolved and brought a new focus to the tourism industry—a data-driven approach. These data are subject to unique legislation, creating a new branch in the legal field: Legal TravelTech.

The Travel ecosystem is constantly changing, and keeping up with legal and tax aspects can be nearly impossible. Both startups and established companies show deficiencies in these areas, and, most importantly, they are often unaware of them.

That’s why we created Mylegalinbox. We are tired of witnessing companies making serious mistakes that can lead to million-dollar losses. Don’t be one of them.


5 industries in the TravelTech ecosystem
that present legal and fiscal problems.

About us

“The main characteristic of something disruptive is its ability to break paradigms, driving deep changes and altering the existing balance.” And that’s how we define ourselves: very legal, travel, tech, and totally disruptive. Only in this way can we avoid the (almost obvious) legal and tax mistakes in companies of this sector.

Let us share some of our experiences:

“From Singapore, I have provided legal advice in different jurisdictions and assessed the best legal structures for B2B companies, aiming to prevent the losses that scare us all.” – Borja Rivas, Co-founder.

“I have had the pleasure of advising major national and international tourism companies on tax matters, planning, and restructuring to adapt to changes and maximize their profits.” – Mauro Rilova, Managing Partner.

Trust our know-how to stay up to date, prevent losses, and ensure legal compliance in your company.

Borja Rivas
Responsible for legal area

Business, technology and privacy advice

Mauro Rilova

Head of tax area

Tax advice


It's not just our word; it's theirs too.



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Do you have a startup in the TravelTech sector? Or do you have an already established company? It doesn’t matter; we believe we can help you with any legal and/or tax matters.

If you have any concerns about the sector or want to benefit from a free consultation, fill out the form or contact us through our communication channels listed below. We promise, legally, to get back to you as soon as possible.

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